What happened to Shanmukh Jaswanth and Siri?

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Day 18 in the house captaincy task time.Who will be the new captain of bigg boss 5 telugu house?we need to wait some more time,Shannu and siri fight details below.

What happened to Siri and Shanmukh?

What happened to Siri and Shanmukh?

After elimination saryu said shanmukh jaswanth and siri are playing a friendly game and Shanmukh jaswanth is playing siri’s game.

Even uma devi warned shanmukh to play his game without listening to siri words,Due to this negativity may arise for shanmukh jaswanth

Starmaa released a promo today regarding the captaincy task,in the promo shannu avoiding siri,siri asked shannu that why is he ignoring her and she is feeling lonely,shanmukh jaswanth replied im not interested in friendship with you.Siri got emotional,let’s wait until the entire episode to get more details.

Watch shanmukh ki siri ki emaindi?

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Uma Devi Eliminated from the house

Lahari is weak and Siri is not eligible to be in the house says Uma Devi

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