VJ sunny won the eviction pass and safe from 11th week elimination-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

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Bigg Boss 5 telugu 11th week eviction pass details in this article.Maanas became captain of the house.There are 8 contestants in 11th week nominations,check out the voting results from here.Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to nominated contestants as a eviction pass task,full details below.

Sunny is safe from 11th week nominations as he won eviction pass Bigg Boss 5 telugu

Eviction pass task is all about saving one contestant from elimination.There is a fire wall and fire engine near the garden area.To the fire wall there are 2 photos of  11th week nominated contestants,Soon after the buzzer 2 contestants should enter the fire engine and save one contestant.Saved contestants photo stays on the wall where others will be burnt.After all this process of saving contestants sunny’s photo left and he won the eviction pass,so he is safe from 11th week elimination.

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1 thought on “VJ sunny won the eviction pass and safe from 11th week elimination-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu”

  1. Sunny is playing a genuine game.Ravi is a real fox.He is fake nodoubt.He was not impartial as sanchalak.Kajal is put to insults by Ravi and his group .He should be checked else game loses its credibility.Siri and her friend are not genuine players.


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