Vishwa becomes captain of the house and Priyanka as Ration Manager

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu,Day 39 in the house,captaincy contender task ended.Kajal,Siri,Swetha and Lobo are not eligible for captaincy task as they crossed bigg boss rules.

Priya,Maanas,Sunny,Vishwa and Anee master are Captaincy contenders

Excluding the green team as they are not eligible and the yellow team,Both red team and Blue team got eligibility to participate in the captaincy task.Priya,Maanas,Sunny,Vishwa and Anee master are captaincy contenders.

Vishwa-New captain of the house

Captaincy task is all about to collect sand and fill the containers with sand.There is a dedicated container for every contender,they need to climb the ropes and fill the sand in the container.Vishwa actively participated in the task and filled more amount of sand by the buzzer time,So vishwa became captain of the house.

Priyanka-Ration Manager of this week

priyanka bigg boss 5

Bigg Boss asked the new captain vishwa to choose 3 housemates for ration manager task,ration manager task is about arranging carriages in proper order,Priyanka arranged more of them and won the task,Priyanka became new ration manager of the house

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