This contestant will eliminate from Bigg Boss 5 Telugu this week

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4th week of bigg boss 5 telugu.3 contestants eliminated from the house till now.4th week nominations went through,8 contestants are in nomination.This contestant may eliminate,details below.

Anee master and Natraj master may get eliminated this week.

Lobo,Natraj master,Ravi,Priya,Kajal,Siri,Sunny,Anee master are in nomination.Netizens commenting Natraj master is behaving weird in the house,nominations impact him very deeply and natraj master continues that emotion the whole week.

Lobo too shouted at Priya without knowing the truth and nominated her,as Lobo is the entertainer of the house he might not get eliminated.

Sunny gets saved by his huge fan base and his gameplay,entertainment is good,even though he was targeted by some housemates he ignores and plays well.

Priya,siri and kajal will get saved by votes.

Anee master and Natraj master are in the danger zone now.We may expect double elimination this time.

Nagarjuna will save some contestants tomorrow.

According to sources there might be double elimination this week.

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Sreerama chandra-New captain of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House

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