Do you agree saryu’s words about shanmukh jaswanth and siri gameplay?

saryu words on shannu game in bigg boss 5 telugu

Saryu was eliminated from the Bigg Boss 5 Telugu house yesterday.She came out of the house and met nagarjuna.Saryu watched her bigg boss 5 journey and got emotional.Nagarjuna asked her to select 5 best and 5 worst contestants of bigg boss 5 telugu. What does Saryu mean about shannu and siri game play? Saryu selected … Read more

Saryu Eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Saryu eliminated from the house

Day 7 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.It is the first sunday in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House.Hamida and Anchor Ravi got saved from elimination yesterday,Now in 4 members of nomination after saving one by one saryu got eliminated. Saryu Eliminated from bigg boss 5 telugu house Saryu is eliminated from the house.After certain jodi games … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 telugu Day 6-Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut

bigg Boss 5 Telugu evaritho set evaritho cut

First weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with more excitement and fun by king nagarjuna. Nagarjuna addressed everyone regarding the  show and their performance.Hamida and Anchor ravi are safe from elimination. Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Every weekend of bigg boss 5 telugu will have a task,so nagarjuna gave a task to … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Housemates should choose best and worst contestant of the week

Contestants should choose best and worst housemates of the first week

Day 5 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with vinayaka chavithi pooja and celebrations.Later luxury budget task,quarrels,fun and more.. As the power room task is completed priya and ravi got their things and clothes back,but priya cannot become captain the entire season. Housemates opinion-Best and Worst contestants of the week Bigg Boss asked housemates to … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Vote for your favourite nominated contestant of bigg boss 5 telugu

Bigg boss 5 telugu-First week nominations have started. 6 contestants nominated.You can vote your favourite contestant,there are three methods of voting  Bigg boss 5 telugu online voting live You can vote for your favourite contestant online your contestant name and vote.That’s all. Bigg boss 5 telugu voting by Vote for your favourite contestant.Poll … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominations,All details and nominated contestants

first week nominated contestants bigg boss 5 telugu

Day 1 of the Bigg Boss 5 telugu started with josh in each and every contestant.Siri hanmanth made fun by hiding some things of house mates.Every one is busy with conversations,unpacking their luggages,setting up their things etc.. First week nomination of Bigg boss 5 telugu The most crucial part of bigg boss 5 telugu i.e … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 contestant saryu Bio,Age,DOB,Photos and more..

Saryu is the 13h contestant of bigg boss 5 telugu.Saryu roy is an actress.She was appeared in many short films,she became popular wih saryu clinic video.saryu entered the bigg boss house today. Saryu Bio,Age,DOB,Photos and more. Full name-Saryu Roy DOB-March 30 Age– Place-Hyderabad,India Profession-Actress Nationality-Indian Home town-Hyderabad,India Zodiac sign– Education qualification- Family and relationship– Let’s … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 telugu contestant 13 entered the house

Saryu contestant number 13 of bigg boss 5 telugu.Her promo features her character and life style. Nagarjuna addressed saryu as blod and beautiful saryu.She described her dream regarding entering the annapurna studios.She also said some of her famous words and dialogues. stay tuned for more updates. Follow our blog for more updates. Also follow us … Read more