Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination list week wise

Bigg Boss 5 telugu

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination list week wise,full details in this article.13 weeks completed for bigg boss 5 telugu.Here is the full detailed list of eliminated contestants week wise. Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Eliminated contestants list week wise Check out the week wise eliminated contestant list of bigg boss 5 telugu from below bigg boss … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominations list Week wise

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu total contestants

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu week wise nominations list and details in this article.Only few days left for finale of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.Check out the week wise eliminations list from here.Week wise nominations details below Week wise nominations list-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Week 1- Anchor Ravi Hamida Jaswanth Jessie Saryu RJ kajal Maanas Saryu eliminated … Read more

Vishwa becomes captain of the house and Priyanka as Ration Manager

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu,Day 39 in the house,captaincy contender task ended.Kajal,Siri,Swetha and Lobo are not eligible for captaincy task as they crossed bigg boss rules. Priya,Maanas,Sunny,Vishwa and Anee master are Captaincy contenders Excluding the green team as they are not eligible and the yellow team,Both red team and Blue team got eligibility to participate in … Read more

This contestant will eliminate from Bigg Boss 5 Telugu this week

This contestant will eliminate from bigg boss 5 telugu this week

4th week of bigg boss 5 telugu.3 contestants eliminated from the house till now.4th week nominations went through,8 contestants are in nomination.This contestant may eliminate,details below. Anee master and Natraj master may get eliminated this week. Lobo,Natraj master,Ravi,Priya,Kajal,Siri,Sunny,Anee master are in nomination.Netizens commenting Natraj master is behaving weird in the house,nominations impact him very deeply … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 4th week nominated contestants

4th week nominations bigg boss 5 telugu

Day 22 of the house-The guest baby doll left the house.It’s time for 4th week nominations.Natraj master and Vishwa heated argument during nominations,Priya and Lobo Heated Argument. .Natraj master and Lobo got more nominations this week.Nomination details below. Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-4th week nominations Nominations started with heated arguments.Most of the housemates nominated natraj master … Read more

Priya and Lobo Heated Argument-Details inside

priya and lobo heated argument

Nominations are the most awaited segments of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.From past 3 weeks more heated arguments,fights,quarrels took place during nominations.Housemate’s true colors and judgement will appear during the nominations.This week nominations details below. Priya and Lobo heated argument during 4th week nominations  Day 22-4th week nominations in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House.more quarrels,fights and … Read more

Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification

Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification

Day 20 in the house and third weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.For Nagarjuna there are a lot more things to clarify.Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification details below. Ravi,Lahari and Priya’s Conflict clarification Nagarjuna asked Lahari to go to confession room and played the footage of Ravi and Priya discussion,as ravi used the word single … Read more

Ravi’s secret task is to steal Priya’s Jewelry

Ravi’s secret task is to steal Priya’s Jewelry

Day 17 in the house America abbai and hyderabad ammai task completed successfully,everyone performed well.Captaincy task may happen tomorrow,best performer in america abbai and hyderabad ammai may eligible to participate in captaincy task.Ravi got some secret task to do details below. Ravi’s secret task-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Ravi is acting as memory loss uncle and … Read more