Captaincy Contender task is on Fire 🔥 🔥

Captaincy contender task is on Fire

Bigg Boss telugu season 5,9 contestants in nomination.It’s captaincy contender task and everyone is fighting for Ravi and Sunny’s kingdoms.The task is on fire,details below. Also Read-5th week nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Sunny vs Ravi captaincy contender task is on fire 31st day of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu house and it is … Read more

5th week nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

5th week nominated contestants

5th week nominations started,day 29 in Bigg Boss 5 telugu house.Nominations are the most heated segment of the bigg boss telugu.Bigg Boss conducted secret nominations this time.Total 9 members in the nomination. 5th week nominated contestants Bigg Boss conducted secret nominations this time,bigg boss also revealed nominations after,every housemate was shocked with the reveal of … Read more

Captaincy contender task is to lose weight

day 23 in the house captaincy contender task

Day 23 in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.Nominations started and ended up with heat.8 contestants are in nominations this week.It’s time for captaincy contender task,details below. Bigg Boss 5 Telugu vote online Live- Votes and Results Housemates should lose weight-Captaincy contender task Captaincy contender task is to lose weight.Every housemate’s weight is noted at first,then each … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Third Week Nominations

Third-week-nominated contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu

Day 15 in the house-All about nominations.Third week nominations started with heat and ended up with the same heat. Intense war of words between Lahari and Priya.Nominations details below. Third week nominations-Bigg Boss 5 telugu Nominations started with heat and ended up in the middle with priya and lahari fights.Sreerama chandra got more nominations today … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu contestant Maanas Nagulapalli Bio,DOB,Age,Photos and more..

Bigg boss 5 telugu contestant maanas nagulapally bio/wiki

Maanas nagulapalli who is also known as Master Ram Teja,Maanas is an Indian film actor maily works in telugu industry.Maanas made his debut with narsimha naidu movie as a child artist.With jhalak movie he made his debut as a lead actor.Maanas nagulapally is 16th contestant in Bigg Boss 5 telugu. Maanas Nagulapalli Bigg Boss 5 … Read more

Day 8 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Team wolf vs Team eagle.Second week nominations

Day 8 of bigg boss 5 telugu nominations

Day 8 of bigg boss 5 telugu is full of nominations,fights,quarrels and more.Bigg Boss divided housemates into 2 teams i.e team wolf and team eagle.This article is in detail about second week nominations and all. Team Wolf VS Team Eagle Bigg boss divided housemates into 2 teams one is team eagle and one is team … Read more

Saryu Eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Saryu eliminated from the house

Day 7 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.It is the first sunday in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House.Hamida and Anchor Ravi got saved from elimination yesterday,Now in 4 members of nomination after saving one by one saryu got eliminated. Saryu Eliminated from bigg boss 5 telugu house Saryu is eliminated from the house.After certain jodi games … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 telugu Day 6-Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut

bigg Boss 5 Telugu evaritho set evaritho cut

First weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with more excitement and fun by king nagarjuna. Nagarjuna addressed everyone regarding the  show and their performance.Hamida and Anchor ravi are safe from elimination. Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Every weekend of bigg boss 5 telugu will have a task,so nagarjuna gave a task to … Read more

Does Lahari targeted RJ kajal?

Does lahari targetted RJ kajal?

Day 2 of bigg boss 5 telugu,a josh full and energetic start with full of quarrels,fights for power room and more..this article is regarding the fight between lahari and RJ kajal. Fight between lahari and kajal A small word fight took place between Lahari and RJ kajal.While RJ kajal was addressing all the housemates regarding … Read more