Lahari Eliminated from the house

Third Sunday in the house,started with more fun with the Spotify game.Maanas saved from elimination and still 2 more contestants in Nomination.One contestant eliminated details below. Lahari eliminated from bigg boss 5 telugu house Third week elimination-Lahari eliminated from the house.At first three nominated contestants played a game holding car steering one who get car … Read more

Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification

Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification

Day 20 in the house and third weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.For Nagarjuna there are a lot more things to clarify.Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification details below. Ravi,Lahari and Priya’s Conflict clarification Nagarjuna asked Lahari to go to confession room and played the footage of Ravi and Priya discussion,as ravi used the word single … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 contestant lahari shari Bio,DOB,Age,Photos and more..

Bigg boss 5 telugu contestant lahari shari bio

Lahari Shari is an Indian anchor,model and actress.She made her debut with arjun reddy movie.Lahari started her career in modelling and hosted many shows like Ap toursim,wine dine etc. Lahari Shari is 3rd contestant of bigg boss season 5 telugu. lahari shari Bio,DOB,Age,Photos and more.. B Lahari Sharma Bio- Full name-B Lahari Sharma DOB-June 5, … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 telugu Day 6-Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut

bigg Boss 5 Telugu evaritho set evaritho cut

First weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with more excitement and fun by king nagarjuna. Nagarjuna addressed everyone regarding the  show and their performance.Hamida and Anchor ravi are safe from elimination. Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Every weekend of bigg boss 5 telugu will have a task,so nagarjuna gave a task to … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Housemates should choose best and worst contestant of the week

Contestants should choose best and worst housemates of the first week

Day 5 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with vinayaka chavithi pooja and celebrations.Later luxury budget task,quarrels,fun and more.. As the power room task is completed priya and ravi got their things and clothes back,but priya cannot become captain the entire season. Housemates opinion-Best and Worst contestants of the week Bigg Boss asked housemates to … Read more

Does Lahari targeted RJ kajal?

Does lahari targetted RJ kajal?

Day 2 of bigg boss 5 telugu,a josh full and energetic start with full of quarrels,fights for power room and more..this article is regarding the fight between lahari and RJ kajal. Fight between lahari and kajal A small word fight took place between Lahari and RJ kajal.While RJ kajal was addressing all the housemates regarding … Read more