Surprise for Natraj master memorable moment in the house

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu day 19 in the house.Bigg Boss gave a super surprise to natraj master.Details below.

Memorable moment for Natraj master

There was a baby voice in all the speakers of bigg boss 5 telugu house,every housemate was surprised and started  running towards the screen.

Natraj master’s wife appeared on screen celebrating “seemantham”.Natraj master is staying strong in the house,sometimes getting emotional as he is missing his wife.

memorable moment for natraj master
memorable moment for natraj master
Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Today Bigg Boss gave such a memorable moment to natraj master

His wife even said that the baby is responding by hearing natraj master’s voice in Tv while watching  Bigg Boss 5 telugu.

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Super surprise for natraj master,memorable moment

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