Sreerama chandra,Swetha varma and Sunny are contenders of Captaincy task

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Captaincy contender task came to end today.Day 25th of Bigg Boss telugu season 5.Its time to test the weight of housemates.Those teammates who reduce more weight are eligible for captaincy task.

From each eligible team one housemate is eligible for captaincy task.

Swetha varma,Sreerama chandra,Sunny are captaincy contenders

From all the teams sreerama chandra,sunny and swetha varma are captaincy contenders.Hamida compromised and gave opportunity to sreerama chandra,anee master dropped and gave swetha varma opportunity and manas compromised and gave vj sunny opportunity.

Housemates need to choose the new captain,among the contenders housemates choose whom they doesn’t want to become captain and point the knife to them.Sunny was pointed out by many housemates.

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