Sreerama chandra is on fire,fight between sreerama chandra and Vj sunny

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Day 10 in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu house is full of task fights,quarrels and more.Sreerama chandra is on fire,fight between sreerama chandra and Vj sunny.

Fight Between Sreerama chandra and Vj sunny

Battens task started suddenly both team mates rushed to collect battens and intense fights happened.Vj sunny rushed and holded sreerama chandra,then he became angry and there battle started priyanka,hamida,maanas tried to stop them.

The fight started because vj sunny hurted sree rama chandra’s face in the process of collecting battens and soon after he reacted aggressively on sunny,then sunny is also on fire.Later both housemates cool down.

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Day 10 task fight still continues

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