Sreerama chandra and Hamida could be the possible jodi of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

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In every season of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu there will be a jodi.There will be a love track,love songs,memes,trolling for entire season of bigg boss 5 telugu.The possible jodi for this season of bigg boss telugu i.e bigg boss 5 telugu could be Hamida and Sreeram chandra.

Hamida and Sreerama chandra jodi

Starmaa released a promo today featuring Sreerama chandra and Hamida conversation with a background love song.Actually in promo there is small discussion between Sreema chandra and Hamida regarding her character and strengths.

The promo was released with a love track based on  this conversation.

Audience who watched show today will know the truth regarding the jodi.

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