Serious fight between Lobo and Siri broke out

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Day 2 of bigg boss 5 telugu,a josh full and energetic start with nenu local song .Every contestant actively responded with the wake up song and day 2 is full of fights,quarrels and more..This article is regarding the fight between Lobo and Siri hanmanth.

The fight between Lobo and siri

It’s not a serious fight actually.There is a discussion going on between Ravi,Lobo and Siri regarding the incident that happened in the bathroom of the house,so Siri started laughing continuously after the discussion.

Then Lobo asked Siri if there was any problem with me?Then Siri ignored Lobo and a few words were exchanged between Siri and lobo.

Then she walked away,Later lobo called her with a laugh,the housemates then realised that they were making fun with the fight.

Some even addressed that they were making content in the house.

 So,this was the fight between siri and lobo.Stay tuned for more updates

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