RJ kajal-Worst housemate of the week

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Day 33 of Bigg boss 5 telugu,priya became captain of the house,Its time to choose worst housemate of the week and send them to jail of Bigg Boss house.

Kajal becomes worst performer of the week

Kajal got more nominations for worst performer.Everyone expressed their reason by pouring water on housemates faces.maximum housemates selected kajal as worst housemate as she wasn’t played well.Ravi and lobo had fight with kajal regarding their change of work.

Hamida selected kajal as she broke the word regarding support in prajapathi task

Swetha varma selected kajal because she tried to broke the bond between anee master,swetha and sunny.

As more housemates selected kajal,she was sent to jail and she might be out of the jail tomorrow for weekend episode.

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