Bigg Boss 5 Telugu:Priyanka Birthday celebrations-Surprise from her Dad

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Priyanka singh 9th contestant of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.Priyanka is performing well in the house,actively participating in the tasks.It’s Priyanka’s birthday today bigg boss gave her a surprise,details below.

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Delightful Birthday for Priyanka Singh in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House-Priyanka’s Dad accepted her decision

Priyanka’s Dad accepted her decision of gender change

Bigg Boss gave a birthday surprise to priyanka,After changing gender priyanka didn’t convey it to their parents,while entering the house she told her dad regarding the change of gender.

Today is her birthday. Priyanka’s dad sent a video saying that “either boy or girl i’ll love you as your parents”.Priyanka felt very happy as her dad accepted the decision of changing gender and now she can visit her house as usual.

Later housemates celebrated her birthday.

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