Priya,Ravi,Sunny and Kajal are safe from elimination

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 4th weekend,Day 27-Nagarjuna Fires on Lobo,Jesse is back from jail and Nagarjuna fires on Shannu regarding his gameplay.4 housemates saved from nominations details below.

Ravi,Priya,Kajal and Sunny are safe from elimination

Total 8 contestants are in nominations this week,among 8 nominated contestants 4 got saved from eliminations i.e Priya,Ravi,Sunny and Kajal.

At first Ravi got saved from elimination,later with the telephone game priya got saved.

Then in sink and float Kajal and Sunny got saved from elimination

Still 4 members in Nominations 1 will be eliminated tomorrow.

There may be double eliminations,but not for sure.

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