Priya and Lobo Heated Argument-Details inside

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Nominations are the most awaited segments of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.From past 3 weeks more heated arguments,fights,quarrels took place during nominations.Housemate’s true colors and judgement will appear during the nominations.This week nominations details below.

Priya and Lobo heated argument during 4th week nominations 

Day 22-4th week nominations in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House.more quarrels,fights and arguments.Heated discussion between lobo and priya,last week there is a task of first love,everyone shared their first love experience.Lobo arguing with priya that she commented lobo’s love story as cinema story.Moreover it was not shown in any episode till now,but lobo is arguing that priya commented his first love.Priya clarified that by the time lobo has not even started his story,but lobo not stopped shouting and he got emotional.Later she clarified that she was discussing about other movie.Lobo completely misunderstood the situation.

Priya and Lobo heated argument

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