Photo of Siri’s letter from her family-Bigg Boss 5 telugu

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It’s been 50 days for Bigg Boss telugu season 5.Nominations are different this time.It’s all about housemates sacrificing their family letters and being in nominations.6 contestants in Nominations check out the list from here.

Siri Hanmanth’s letter got a letter from her family and she sacrificed it for vishwa.

Siri Hanmanth Letter from her family

Nominations are all about emotions this time.Siri and vishwa both discussed regarding letter,siri sacrificed her letter for vishwa as he is missing his children.Siri got more emotional and after shannu sacrificed his letter for kajal they both got more emotional.

Here is the photo of Siri Hanmanth’s letter

Siri’s letter from her family

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