Nagarjuna words on Shanmukh Jaswanth gameplay

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Day 27,Nagarjuna fired on lobo regarding his behaviour in the house.During weekends nagarjuna clarifies everything in the house.Jaswanth jessie is back from jail.Nagarjuna words on shanmukh jaswanth gameplay,details below.

Nagarjuna’s words on Shanmukh jaswanth Gameplay

Shanmukh jaswanth was silent for the first week and later on he started his game slowly,by participating in the tasks,interacting with others and more..

Nagarjuna said that Shannu is just sitting and discussing.

The eliminated housemates also complained that siri,shanmukh and jessie are playing friendly games.

Nagarjuna also warned siri to play her game,rather than invloving in others gameplay.

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