Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Nagarjuna Fires on Lobo

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Bigg Boss 5 telugu weekends are more fun with entertainment alongside nagarjuna clarifies issues in the house.Later contestants are saved from elimination.This repeats every weekend of the house.Nagarjuna fires on lobo details inside.

Nagarjuna fires on lobo’s behaviour 

During nominations lobo shouted and nominated priya for no reason.he nominated priya that she insulted his love,but the actual scene is different.Lobo completely misunderstood priya,later he realised and asked for sorry.

Lobo differentiated the lifestyle and keep on saying basti lifestyle is different and villa’s life style is different.Nagarjuna got serious on this issue as in Bigg Boss house everyone is equal and moreover no one shows that discrimination.

Lobo also got second maximum votes as worst performer,even though he struggled hard to lose weight.

Lobo complained to nagarjuna that he didn’t shout much,nagarjuna asked for video proof showing lobo his shouting on priya.

Lobo even has a chance to be evicted from the house

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