Luxury Budget task-Day 5 of Bigg Boss 5 telugu

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Day 5 of bigg boss 5 telugu started with vinayaka chavithi celebrations.Housemates performed pooja and celebrated vinayaka chavithi,some housemates got emotional as they are missing their family members.Bigg Boss gave a luxury budget task.

First Luxury Budget task in Bigg Boss 5 telugu house

On Vinayaka chavithi bigg boss gave luxury budget task to housemates.There are pots hanged with grocery and food tags.One housemate should lift the another housemate who is blindfolded and should break the pots until buzzer sounds.The more pots he breaks more number of groceries and food.

Housemates choose natraj master and vishwa.Natraj master lifted vishwa and he successfully finished the task.

Bigg Boss returned the clothes and things of anchor ravi and priya.

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