Bigg Boss 5 telugu-Kushi Interval scene between Lobo and priyanka

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Day 26 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu,Sreerama chandra is the new captain of the house.It’s time to choose the worst performer of the house.Housemates need to choose the worst performer of bigg boss 5 telugu.Kushi interval scene-lobo and priyanka details below

Kushi interval scene lobo and priyanka

We’ve seen lobo and uma devi chemistry and bond in bigg boss 5 telugu house.Uma devi eliminated and somewhat that chemistry is missing,even though sreerama chandra and hamida jodi  eneraining the house.

Today In task there is a kushi interval scene between lobo and priyanka,lobo and priyanka sat on the bench as they were students and preparing for exams,meanwhile lobo staring at priyanka and the scene continues.

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