Jessie,Vishwa and Priyanka are in danger zone-9th week elimination-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

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Bigg Boss 5 telugu,9th week danger zone contestants are Jessie,Priyanka and vishwa.It’s weekend episode today bigg boss house is full of fun and entertainment.9th week elimination details below.

Who will be eliminated in 9th week of bigg boss 5 telugu

Total 8 contestants in Nomination.Sunny,Sreerama chandra,Ravi,Siri and Kajal entered into safe zone by today.There are 3 contestants in danger zone they are jessie,Kajal and Vishwa.

Among these three housemates one will be eliminated tomorrow.

Jaswanth Jessie-Higher chances to eliminate this week

Jessie has higher chances to eliminate as his health condition was not well.Makers may evict jessie and save priyanka and vishwa this time.If not vishwa may get evicted.

Eliminated contestant will be revealed on our blog,So stay tuned for more updates.

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