Jaswanth Jessie-New captain of the house

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Day 18 of the house captaincy task contenders are Ravi,Jaswanth jessie,sreerama chandra and swetha varma.Jaswanth jessie won the task details below.

Jaswanth jessie is new captain of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House

Ravi is eligible as contender for the captaincy task as he finished the secret task successfully.Three teams of america abbai and america abbai have chosen one from each team i.e Swetha varma,Jaswanth jessie and sreerama chandra.

Captaincy task is “swim zara swim zara”,contenders need to arrange the “CAPTAIN” letters on their table,they need to collect the letters from the swimming pool.Jessie arranged them first and he won the task.

Jaswanth jessie became the new captain of the house.

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