Jaswanth jessie eliminated from the house-Bigg boss 5 telugu

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 70 days completed for the show.Sunday is fun day and elimination time.Maanas and Kajal are in danger zone, elimination details below

Jaswanth Jessie eliminated from bigg boss 5 telugu house

Kajal and maanas are in danger zone and there is a buzz rounding since 2-3 days that kajal gonna eliminate from the house,but bigg Boss surprised housemates and audience Jessie eliminated from the house,as he is suffering from vertigo his health conditions are getting worse and jessie is in secret room till today.Jessie will be eliminated today and jessie should be in close observation by doctors,so he left the house.

Bigg Boss surprised everyone till the last round of elimination and saved both the conditions stating no elimination,later Jessie came out of the house.

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