Jaswanth jessie and kajal are not eligible for captaincy contender task

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Captaincy contender task started yesterday,Every housemate trying their best to lose weight.Sreeram and Hamida won the task and reduced their half KG weight,where lobo and natraj master lose the task and half KG added to their end weight.As there is no food inthe house housemates are starving.

Kajal and Jaswanth jessie lost their eligibility for captaincy contender task

A team from Bigg Boss entered the house and took all the food items from the house.There are only coconut water and protein shakes available in the house.priyanka had some hidden apples in her cupboard and bigg boss asked jaswanth to return all the left food items in the house.

As housemates hid and ate some food breaking the rules bigg boss punished jaswanth jessie,he is not eligible for captaincy contender task now,as kajal is jaswanth team mate she too not eligible for the task.

Food value telusukuntunna housemates

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