How to Register for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu?

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Bigg Boss 6 Telugu registration details in this article.Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu going to start in a few weeks.This time starmaa has given a golden opportunity for audience i.e common people can participate in Bigg Boss 6 Telugu.More details below.

Ticket to Bigg Boss 6 Telugu-How to register?

Now you can enter bigg boss 6 telugu house.Most probably bigg boss is for celebrities but this time star maa bigg boss has given golden opportunity for common people to participate.Here are few steps to register for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu.

Steps to Register for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu

To enter Bigg Boss 6 Telugu all you need to do is

How to Register for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu?
Ticket to BB6
  • Visit the link from here
  • Fill your basic details
  • Make a video about yourself describing your special talents to become entertainer of the house
Ticket to BB6
  • Agree terms and conditions
  • Now submit the form

You’ll get informed if you are selected.

This is a full guide to enter bigg boss 6 telugu.Stay tuned for more updates

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