Hamida Eliminated from the house

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu,Day 34 of the house.The weekend started with fun and kondapolam team made fun with housemates by asking various questions.No housemate saved from elimination,all 9 housemates are in nominations.

Hamida eliminated from Bigg Boss 5 telugu

As no housemate is saved from elimination there are 9 contestants in nominations. show started @6pm navratri special episode.

It’s started with fun and entertainment.most eligible bachelor team entertained a lot and mangli impressed with her performance.Hyper adi made fun with housemates.

Housemates got video from their families and later saving the nominated housemates started and after all the 8 housemates saving the only housemate remained unsafe is hamida,so hamida got eliminated from the house.

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