Does Lahari targeted RJ kajal?

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Day 2 of bigg boss 5 telugu,a josh full and energetic start with full of quarrels,fights for power room and more..this article is regarding the fight between lahari and RJ kajal.

Fight between lahari and kajal

A small word fight took place between Lahari and RJ kajal.While RJ kajal was addressing all the housemates regarding the kitchen team and all,lahari doesn’t liked the way of RJ kajal,so she said to kajal that not to be in a over hyped way all the day and she also said that kajal was targeting one person and kajal is creating content in the house.

Later a few discussions happened between both of them,then kajal left crying. She controlled her crying because her daughter will watch the show.Rj kajal had discussion with Ravi and maanas saying that she doesn’t like the vibe with lahari.

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