Day 9 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Captaincy task fights

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Day 9 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with clearing the differences that were created during nominations.Later it was all about captaincy task.

Pantham needa naada hai-Captaincy task

Team wolf-Umadevi,lahari,Ravi,Jessie,Maanas,Kajal,Natraj,Sunny,Swetha,

Team eagle-Lobo,Anee,Sriram,Priya,Hamida,Vishwa,Siri,Shanmukh jaswanth,Priyanka

Team wolf and Team eagles should rescue their battens in the field.Opposite teams can hide the battens and battle begins in collecting the battens and placing them in their field.

Many quarrels,fights took place between 2 teams.

There is another task along with the first one.The 2 team members should be in a still and form a row.The team with the longest row will win the task,the first task will pause during the second one.

The two tasks are still alive. We should wait until tomorrow for results and for the new captain announcement.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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