Conflict between Anee master and Swetha Varma

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu day 35 in the house,captaincy contender task is on hold.4 teams in competition.There is a conflict between swetha varma and Anee master details below.

Anee master and Swetha varma conflict

It’s all started with  captaincy contender task.Swetha’s team got a special power to grab all the dolls of any other team.In between the fight of protecting dolls anee master and swetha varma fight started.

Anee master totally destroyed a doll by grabbing it from swetha’s hands.Swetha varma and Anee master will be as a mother and daughter,but with this fight they both got hurt and anee master said that she lost friend in last task and in this task her daughter relationship also lost.

Lets see how this conflict solves and will swetha varma or anee master sort out and discuss each other.

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