Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Third Week Nominations

Third-week-nominated contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu

Day 15 in the house-All about nominations.Third week nominations started with heat and ended up with the same heat. Intense war of words between Lahari and Priya.Nominations details below. Third week nominations-Bigg Boss 5 telugu Nominations started with heat and ended up in the middle with priya and lahari fights.Sreerama chandra got more nominations today … Read more

Nominated contestants this week-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Nominated contestants this week-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Day 8 of Bigg Boss 5 telugu.Nomination day has come.Saryu was eliminated from the house yesterday.So today is nominations day for bigg boss 5 telugu housemates. Second week nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Today’s nominations in the house are full of fights,quarrels and more.Bigg Boss divided contestants into 2 teams i.e team wolf … Read more

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominations,All details and nominated contestants

first week nominated contestants bigg boss 5 telugu

Day 1 of the Bigg Boss 5 telugu started with josh in each and every contestant.Siri hanmanth made fun by hiding some things of house mates.Every one is busy with conversations,unpacking their luggages,setting up their things etc.. First week nomination of Bigg boss 5 telugu The most crucial part of bigg boss 5 telugu i.e … Read more