Hamida Eliminated from the house

HAMIDA eliminated from the house

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu,Day 34 of the house.The weekend started with fun and kondapolam team made fun with housemates by asking various questions.No housemate saved from elimination,all 9 housemates are in nominations. Hamida eliminated from Bigg Boss 5 telugu As no housemate is saved from elimination there are 9 contestants in nominations. show started @6pm … Read more

Natraj master eliminated from the house

Bigg Boss 5 telugu,Sundays are more fun.Housemates celebrated the 25th anniversary of ninne pelladatha movie.nagarjuna got emotional with their performances on ninne pelladatha songs.4 housemates in nomination,3 housemates saved and natraj master eliminated from the house. Natraj master eliminated from the house Siri,lobo,anee master and natraj master are in nomination.After all the fun and games.Nagarjuna … Read more

This contestant will eliminate from Bigg Boss 5 Telugu this week

This contestant will eliminate from bigg boss 5 telugu this week

4th week of bigg boss 5 telugu.3 contestants eliminated from the house till now.4th week nominations went through,8 contestants are in nomination.This contestant may eliminate,details below. Anee master and Natraj master may get eliminated this week. Lobo,Natraj master,Ravi,Priya,Kajal,Siri,Sunny,Anee master are in nomination.Netizens commenting Natraj master is behaving weird in the house,nominations impact him very deeply … Read more

Lahari Eliminated from the house

Third Sunday in the house,started with more fun with the Spotify game.Maanas saved from elimination and still 2 more contestants in Nomination.One contestant eliminated details below. Lahari eliminated from bigg boss 5 telugu house Third week elimination-Lahari eliminated from the house.At first three nominated contestants played a game holding car steering one who get car … Read more

Sreerama chandra is Safe from third week elimination

Day 20 in the house and third weekend of bigg boss 5 telugu ,Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification,shut the door task and more..Priyanka saved from elimination and one more contestant saved details below. Sreerama chandra is safe from elimination There is a wall of luck on stage and one safe contestant’s name from lahari,maanas,priya and … Read more

Priyanka is safe from third week elimination

priyanka bigg boss 5

Third weekend in the house,Priya,Lahari and Ravi’s conflict clarification,shut the door task and more..One housemate saved from elimination details below. Priyanka is safe from elimination Nagarjuna saved one contestant from elimination i.e priyanka singh.There is liquid in glass by which pouring soda will make it coloured,who gets red colour is unsafe and green is safe,Priyanka’s … Read more

Uma Devi Eliminated from the house

uma devi eliminated from the house

Second sunday of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.This sunday started with fun.Everyone entertained with their dance performances.Later devil task happened and 15th contestant eliminated from the house,details below. Bigg Boss 5 Telugu-Uma Devi eliminated from the house 15th contestant of the house i.e uma devi eliminated from the house today.For the first round RJ kajal saved … Read more

Lobo,Anee master and Priyanka is safe from second week elimination

Second weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.Nagarjuna is on fire mode,Ramcharan on stage along with the maestro team celebrated the success of the movie. Anee master,Lobo and priyanka is safe from second week elimination Vishwa bought battens from the store room and gave them to contestants who are in nomination.One who get red tags inside … Read more

Saryu Eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Saryu eliminated from the house

Day 7 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.It is the first sunday in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu House.Hamida and Anchor Ravi got saved from elimination yesterday,Now in 4 members of nomination after saving one by one saryu got eliminated. Saryu Eliminated from bigg boss 5 telugu house Saryu is eliminated from the house.After certain jodi games … Read more