Captaincy contender task is to lose weight

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Day 23 in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.Nominations started and ended up with heat.8 contestants are in nominations this week.It’s time for captaincy contender task,details below.

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Housemates should lose weight-Captaincy contender task

Day 23-Captaincy contender task

Captaincy contender task is to lose weight.Every housemate’s weight is noted at first,then each housemate should workout to lose weight.The more weight loser is eligible for captaincy task.

Every housemate is trying their best to lose weight.Lobo started working out heavily,natraj master started yoga in the garden area.

Shanmuk jaswanth dancing all the way around.

Lobo trimmed the hair of jaswanth jessie as hair also counts in weight.Priya working out with dumbbells.

contestants need to be divided as jodi and workout together.In between there are certain tasks assigned to jodi’s,if jodi loses the task half KG will be increased to end body weight of the team and if jodi wins the task then half KG will be reduced to end body weight of the team.

Day 23 is full of fun with workouts,yoga,running and chasing.

Day 23-Captaincy contender task

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