Captaincy Contender task is on Fire 🔥 🔥

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Bigg Boss telugu season 5,9 contestants in nomination.It’s captaincy contender task and everyone is fighting for Ravi and Sunny’s kingdoms.The task is on fire,details below.

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Sunny vs Ravi captaincy contender task is on fire

31st day of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu house and it is 2nd day for captaincy contender task.The task is on fire,sunny’s supporters and Ravi’s supporters are fighting for kingdom and money.Ravi made a deal with siri that he will make shannu as contender for the task.

There are tasks in between to gain points and coins.Serious fights happened during the tasks,maanas,vishwa,sreeram,jessie all got aggressive.

Shanmukh,siri,jessie and Kajal started stealing coins from the box,other housemates got aggressive regarding the cheat gameplay.

Let’s see who will become eligible for the captaincy task.

Captaincy contender task-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

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