Bigg Boss 5 telugu-Vishwa and maanas got access to power room

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Day-2 in the bigg boss 5 telugu house,vishwa and maanas got access to the power room.Day 2 is full of fights,quarrels and more…

What is Power Room in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Power room is a place where housemates can get special powers and control over the house and housemates.

Everytime when buzzer sounds housemates should make a quick run to power room access and whoever accesses it will have a chance to enter the power room and the bigg boss assigns a power to give special tasks to contestants.

Vishwa won power room access

Soon after the first buzzer sound, Vishwa ran and won access to the power room.Bigg boss asked vishwa to choose 2 contestants,those 2 contestants should pack all the things,clothes(including what they wore on the day) and place them in the store Room.Vishwa choosed Anchor Ravi and priya.They packed and placed all their things,clothes in the store room.Ravi weared some ladies dress and had some fun.

Maanas won power room access

For the second buzzer sound maanas got access to the power room.Bigg boss asked maanas to select a contestant and they shouldn’t sleep until all the contestants in the house went to sleep,even if any contestant woke up in midnight they should wake the selected contestant.

Maanas chose RJ kajal to perform that task.

That’s all about the power room,later many fights and discussions happened.

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