Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Housemates should choose best and worst contestant of the week

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Day 5 of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with vinayaka chavithi pooja and celebrations.Later luxury budget task,quarrels,fun and more..

As the power room task is completed priya and ravi got their things and clothes back,but priya cannot become captain the entire season.

Housemates opinion-Best and Worst contestants of the week

Bigg Boss asked housemates to choose one best and worst contestant of the week.Everyone shared their best and worst contestant of the week.Here are the contestants’ choices of best and worst contestants.

  • Ravi:Best contestant lobo and worst-jessie
  • Lobo:Best Anee master,worst-jessie
  • Jessie:Best-siri,worst ravi
  • Swetha:Best-vishwa,worst-uma devi
  • Uma devi:Best-vishwa,worst-kajal
  • Siri-Best:Natraj master, worst-uma devi
  • Vishwa:Best-priyanka singh,worst-kajal
  • Lahari:Best-vishwa,worst-kajal
  • Priyanka:Best-lobo,worst-uma devi
  • Anee master:Best-priyanka,worst-jessie
  • Saryu:Best lobo,worst-jessie

Over all best contestant of the week is Vishwa

Worst contestant of the week is Jaswanth Jessie

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