Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominations,All details and nominated contestants

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Day 1 of the Bigg Boss 5 telugu started with josh in each and every contestant.Siri hanmanth made fun by hiding some things of house mates.Every one is busy with conversations,unpacking their luggages,setting up their things etc..

First week nomination of Bigg boss 5 telugu

The most crucial part of bigg boss 5 telugu i.e nominations among the contestants has finally started.Housemates nominated and shared their reason for nominating a particular housemate.

There are garbage bags with housemate photos on them.Each housemate should nominate others by throwing the garbage bag in to the dust bin.

First week nomination procedure of bigg boss 5 telugu

Here are the nominated contestants of Bigg boss 5 telugu  this week-

  • Anchor Ravi
  • Hamida
  • Jaswanth Jessie
  • Saryu
  • RJ kajal
  • maanas

All details of first week nomination of Bigg boss 5 telugu

Let’s see detailed nominations i.e nomination of each housemate.We’ve listed contestant names along with to whom they nominated.

Sreeram chandra -Nominated maanas, jaswanth jessie

Saryu-Nominated RJ kajal,Ravi

Swetha varma-Nominated hamida,natraj master

Vishwa-Nominated jaswanth jessie,maanas

Anee-Nominated Siri, jaswanth jessie

Jaswanth jessie-Nominated vishwa,Hamida

Ravi-Nominated natraj master,maanas

Uma devi-Nominated RJ kajal, jaswanth jessie

Hamida-Nominated Lahari, jaswanth jessie

Shannu-Nominated VJ sunny,lobo

VJ sunny-Nominated shannu,saryu

Priyanka singh-Nominated shannu,Hamida

Natraj master-Nominated Ravi, jaswanth jessie

Priya-Nominated Siri,RJ kajal

Lobo-Nominated priya,Ravi

Maanas-Nominated Vishwa,saryu

Siri-Nominated Hamida,priya

RJ kajal-Nominated saryu,uma devi

Lahari-Nominated Hamida,RJ kajal

Seems like jaswanth jessie got more nominations because of an incident with hamida,there is some misunderstanding between jaswanth and hamida,vishwa and anee master.Let’s see whether jaswanth jessie might survive in the house with votes.  

Even RJ kajal got more nominations because of her experience and knowledge she had regarding bigg boss.

first week Nominated contestants bigg boss 5 telugu

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