Bigg Boss 5 telugu Day 6-Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut

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First weekend of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu started with more excitement and fun by king nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna addressed everyone regarding the  show and their performance.Hamida and Anchor ravi are safe from elimination.

Evaritho Set Evaritho Cut-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Every weekend of bigg boss 5 telugu will have a task,so nagarjuna gave a task to housemates.There are contestant photos in front and bands.Each housemate should tie the band with whom they are set i.e bonded and should tear the housemate photo.

Here is the list of evaritho set evaritho cut.

  • Vishwa:set-maanas,cut-kajal
  • Jessie:set-sunny,cut-saryu
  • Lahari:set-priya,cut-kajal
  • Lobo:set-shannu,cut-kajal
  • Saryu:set-saryu(self),cut-siri
  • Swetha varma:Set-Anee master,cut-uma devi
  • Sreerama chandra:set-swetha,cut-kajal
  • Siri:set-shannu,cut-saryu
  • Sunny:set-hamida,cut-Ravi
  • Natraj master:set-lobo,cut-kajal
  • Maanas:set-Ravi,cut-jessie
  • Ravi:set-priyanka,cut-jessie
  • Uma devi:set-priyanka,cut-kajal
  • Hamida:set-saryu,cut-shannu
  • Priya:set-anee master,cut-hamida
  • Priyanka:set-priya,cut-natraj master
  • Kajal:set-sreerama chandra,cut-uma devi
  • Anee master:set-swetha varma,cut-kajal
  • Shannu:set-Ravi,cut-hamida

Every one specified their reason for selecting housemates and some got emotional while describing their bonding.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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