Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 9th week captain-Anee Master

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Bigg Boss 5 telugu 60 days completed for the show.Super heroes vs super villains task ended.Super villains won the task.All the super villains team members are captaincy contenders.Anee master becomes captain of the house,details below.

Anee master becomes captain of the house

In both the tasks super villains performed well.Super villains won the task.It’s time for the captaincy task.Captaincy task is all about escaping from ball throws.Contenders need to wear a jackets and super heroes team members will throw the balls towards the contenders.Each ball has a value.At the end of each round whose jacket adds more value of balls they’ll be eliminated from the task.Anee master won the task and became captain of the house.

Housemates also choose the worst performer today,as tomorrow is the weekend episode.

Voting lines will close by today and till now as per voting results

This time Kajal is in the danger zone and she may get eliminated from the house.

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