Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 15th week voting results

4.7/5 - (104 votes)

Bigg Boss 5 telugu 15th week voting results details in this article.Check out the top 5 contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu from here.It’s 15th week i.e final week only few days left for grand finale.Final week voting results below.

Final week voting results Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Final week of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.2 more days for finale.Vote for your favourite contestant from here.

Don’t split your votes as this is the deciding voting,so spend all your votes only for your one favourite contestant.

Final week voting results

  • Sunny-34%
  • Shanmukh-32%
  • Sreeram-20%
  • Maanas-10%
  • Siri-4%

Shanmukh or sunny who will be the title winner

There are higher chances for both of these contestants.It’s all depends on fans voting.There is a little chance for sreerama chandra to win,But based on voting results it’s either shanmukh or sunny.Still few days for finale voting percentages may fluctuate.Final week voting results are updated daily on this page.

Vote for your favourite contestant from here

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