Anchor Ravi and RJ Kajal Heated argument

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It’s been 30 days for Bigg Boss 5 telugu,15 contestants in the house,4 eliminated.5th week nominations took place yesterday,total 9 housemates in the nomination.Checkout the nominated housemates list on our blog if you haven’t already.Heated argument between Ravi and kajal,details below.

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Kajal and Ravi Heated argument

It all started with kajal making fun of lobo and Ravi regarding their change of work from bathroom to kitchen.Ravi and lobo couldn’t take that,so there the argument started.

Ravi stated that kajal is provoking him and lobo,when sreerama chandra asked kajal said her intention was funny and it was not provoking in her way.

This heated argument ended up and Ravi is complaining that kajal is changing words easily.

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