Anchor Ravi 10th week captain of Bigg boss 5 telugu

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu day 68 in the house.Captaincy contender task completed.Jessie may enter the house next week.Ravi became 10th week captain details below.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 10th week captain-Anchor Ravi

Ravi successfully finished his secret task without getting noticed by housemates,so he directly became captaincy contender.captaincy task is to protect contenders tower.Heated argument took place between shanmukh jaswanth and VJ sunny.Anchor ravi won the task and became new captain of the house.

Coming to this week’s voting results kajal and maanas are in danger zone,if Jaswanth’s health gets worse he may get evicted or kajal will be out of the house.

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