9th week voting results Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

4.6/5 - (26 votes)

9th week voting results of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu details in this article.9th week nominations are quite interesting whole contestants in the house are nominated except shanmukh jaswanth.Next day bigg boss gave immunity task and anne master got saved,by using anee master power she saved maanas from nomination.

9th week voting results of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

8 contestants in nomination.Voting is done officially by hotstar and missed call feature.Everytime official voting results are not revealed,but the same audience and fans will vote on unofficial platforms like websites,social media.Both voting results are almost same and we can predict the contestant who is in danger zone.

9th week voting results

  • Sunny-27%
  • Sreeram-16%
  • Siri-13%
  • Ravi-12%
  • Jessie-10%
  • Priyanka-9%
  • Kajal-7%
  • Vishwa-6%

Vishwa Eliminated from the house-9th week elimination-Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

9th week eliminated contestant vishwa
9th week eliminated contestant-Vishwa

All the housemates are safe from elimination except vishwa.As per our sources vishwa eliminated from the house.

Vote for your favourite nominated contestant from here

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